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HEIMISH Refresh Water 250ml



A mild acidulous toner that eliminates skin wastes and makeup residue freshly.
Vitalizes the skin moistly and boosts the skin condition with natural moisturizing ingredients.
Improves skin texture and dead skin cells, smoothing the skin without excessive stimulation.


Formulated with over 90% natural ingredients; packed with over 20 botanical extracts; sloughs off dead cells and impurities; 
delivers a powerful boost of moisture to refresh parched pelts; mildly exfoliates to renew skin with AHA and BHA; 
infused with protease enzymes from soybeans to combat bacteria and help prevent blemishes; leaves your complexion smooth and glowing

How To Use

Apply a generous amount of Refresh Water on a cotton pad. 
Gently wipe off the face from inside outside without rubbing.


350g (0.77 lbs)