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Noblesse Korean Facial Skin Care Mask Sheet Moisture Essence Face Pack 100pcs

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Daily care which makes rough and skin lacking elasticity into the elasticity skin.
Full ampoule bottle in a sheet of the mask.


1. Herb: Sage Leaf Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract provide bright and clean skin.
2. Red Ginseng: Red ginseng extract nourishes the tired skin and prepares it as a resilient skin.
3. Potato: Potato extract calms the skin and makes it healthy.
4. Aloe: Aloe extracts provide a moist and healthy skin.
5. Collagen: Collagen extract gives skin radiance and elasticity. 
6. Snail: Snail mucus filtrate and trehalose extract give skin elasticity and shine.
7. Syn-Ake: Syn-Ake extract gives vitality and shine to your skin and gives it elasticity.
8. Q10: Q10 extracts provide rich nutrition to make skin smooth and healthy.
9. Arbutin: Arbutin and lemon extracts make your skin clear and radiant.
10. Tea Tree: Tea tree leaf extract makes the skin smooth and moist.
11. Greentea: Green tea extract makes your skin clear and moist.
12. Pomegranate: Pomegranate extract gives skin elasticity and makes skin fresh.
13. Propolis: Propolis extracts hydrate and revitalizes the skin.
14. Cucumber: Cucumber extracts make your skin clear and transparent.
15. Acai Berry: The Acai Berry Extract provides nutrients and elasticity to the skin.

How To Use

1. It trims a skin texture with the skin after wash-up.
2. Open this product and make the Mask contact the face evenly except for eyes and mouth.
3. Detach it after 10-20 minutes. The remaining contents will absorb pat lightly by hand.


3000g (6.6 lbs)