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AYOUME Olive Herbal Cleansing Oil 150ml

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✔ Moisturizing
✔ Calming Skin
✔ Skin Protection

This cleansing oil gently dissolves makeup with a light and a refreshing oil component.

Olive oil obtained by squeezing olive fruit helps to prevent moisture evaporation on the skin surface and helps prevent oxidative damage from skin aging and free radicals.

Vegetable oil Plant-derived oil components form a moisture barrier that helps keep your skin moist and long-lasting.

Karen ducklings (Port marigold flowers) Removes dirt and other substances that are harmful to helping to block and calm skin irritation.

How To Use

Spread OLIVE HERBAL CLEANSING OIL on dry skin, roll it up, and wash it with lukewarm water. The optimum combination of olive oil and vegetable oil melt waste in the skin, which helps smooth and moisten the skin. * Contains Karen Dula flowers that help soothe skin oil cleanser for comfortable use on sensitive skin and eyes.