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AYOUME Pore Deep Cleansing Oil 150ml

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Moisturizing / Calming

Pores & Blackhead Care
The cleansing oil with fine charcoal powder dispersed cleans your skin thoroughly to makeup

Charcoal powder
The charcoal powder in the cleansing oil helps to cleanse impurities and wastes between the skin™s crevices.

Cucumber extract
Cucumbers with more than 90% moisture give moisture to the dry skin

4 white flowers Peony, Lotus, Ginseng, Lily
Extracts from the 4 white flowers help calm sensitive skin.

Mild cleansing as an ingredient of plant origin
Contains the cucumber extract and the botanical origin of the white flower complex to help smooth and mild cleansing, moisturizing finish after washing

Pores & Blackhead Smooth Care
2 in 1 cleansing oil that contains charcoal powder that is effective in the pigment and pore care, dissolving parchment accumulated in pores, and cleaning up old staining.

How To Use

Spread the cleansing oil on dry skin, roll it up and wash it with lukewarm water.
*Charcoal powder sits on its contents, so be sure to shake it before using it.