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BENTON Aloe Hyaluron Cream 50g

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Benton's Aloe Hyaluron Cream contains Aloe extracts and 7-Hyaluronic Acid Complex.
This cream leaves skin smooth and firm by moisturizing and nourishing.


Contains high contents of aloe ingredients and 7-Hyaluronic Acid Complex.
Highly moisturizing lightweight cream.
Sufficiently hydrating without having to apply multiple products, suitable for skip-care.
Soothing & nourishing.
Free of volatile alcohol, PEGs, silicones and other controversial ingredients.

Mildly acidic pH

Mildly acidic pH where the skin feels comfortable.
Mildly acidic pH is similar to the pH level of healthy skin.

How To Use

Apply a suitable amount to face using your hands and softly pat until absorbed. Aloe Hyaluron Cream sufficiently moisturizes with a small amount. Apply in small quantities to find an amount suitable for you. Use at the last step of skincare by applying a suitable amount and spread evenly to absorb.


100g (0.22 lbs)