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BEYOND Angel Aqua Daily Ceramide Cream 100ml+100ml



A ceramide cream that restores the skin's moisture barrier with an excellent moisturizing effect.

A Firm Moisture Barrier
This dense cream contains ceramides, the main lipid in the stratum corneum, to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier!

Enhances the protective Barrier
Restores the protective barrier damaged by dryness and external irritants for healthy skin!

Soothing & Moisturizing
Gently soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin caused by dryness and irritants

No Greasiness and Stickiness!
This dense cream minimizes greasiness while providing rich moisture to address dryness and tightness.

Skin Type

Those who want to address their dry skin
Those who want a gentle skincare product that replenishes moisture from inside out without irritation

How To Use

Apply an appropriate amount to the skin and gently pat for absorption.


300g (0.66 lbs)