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BEYOND Homme Balance Skin Care Set



BEYOND Homme Balance Toner 150ml

This all-in-one skin toner, lotion, and essence have abundant minerals that are quickly absorbed into the skin.
Swiss glacial water full of minerals, and the fermented extract from natural herb ingredients and microorganisms in the Antarctic are quickly and gently absorbed into the skin of men.
This all-in-one product functions as a skin toner, lotion, and essence and helps the skin retain its balance, leaving it healthier and moisturized.

How To Use

Take an appropriate amount on the palm after cleansing the skin texture as tidy outward from the inner face helps absorption.

BEYOND Homme Balance Emulsion 130ml

It is a lightweight emollient with a lightweight feel that penetrates quickly to the tired men's skin,
which is lacking sleep and stress, with naturally ionized minerals rich in Swiss glaciers and natural herbs.
It provides natural moisture energy for rough and dull men's skin and strengthens skin protection for a long-lasting smooth skin.

How To Use

After using the skin or essence, take an appropriate amount and spread it gently on the face and neck.


800g (1.76 lbs)