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BEYOND Phyto Aqua Skin Care Special Set

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Set Composition

Phyto Aqua Toner 150ml
Phyto Aqua Emulsion 130ml
Phyto Aqua Toner 35ml (Gift)
Phyto Aqua Emulsion 35ml (Gift)
Phyto Aqua Essence 5ml (Gift)
Phyto Aqua Cream 5ml (Gift)

Phyto Aqua Toner 150ml

Contains Plant moisture similar to inner skin moisture particles for quick absorption.
Moisture toner to quickly moisturize dry skin.
Natural moisture shield and cactus extract provide moisture on the skin.
Moisturize tired pores in a dry environment.
After face wash uses hand or cotton to apply on center to outward of the face gently and let it absorb.

Phyto Aqua Emulsion 130ml

Keeps moisture giving non-drying moisturized skin.
It provides rich moisture with a moisture protection shield.
Rich natural minerals and moisture keep skin moisturized.
Mushroom natural extract provides a moisture shield keeping moisture from inner skin.
Keeps moisture for long hours.
After skin and essence apply the right amount using hands and tap gently for absorption.


900g (1.98 lbs)