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CORINGCO Cotton Candy Capsule Makeup Brush 4pcs SET

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Powder & Blusher Brush 1ea
Nose Shading & Eye Blending Brush 1ea
Eyeshadow Brush 1ea
Eye Point Brush 1ea


This 4 in 1 makeup brush consists of 4 essential brushes.
Optimal fur and cutting for oriental facial structure.
Portable size is 13.5 cm long for convenient use anytime and anywhere.
Features soft fur gives no irritation to skin and creates flawless makeup.

Brush and length

Powder & Blusher Brush - 3.8cm
Nose Shading & Eye Blending Brush - 7.5cm
Eyeshadow Brush - 7.5cm
Eye Point Brush - 7cm

How To Use

1. Turn the brush head to adjust upwards to the desired length.
2. After using, turn back the brush head and cover it with the lid.
3. Adjust the brush head to back to the original position.


200g (0.44 lbs)