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CORINGCO Good Bye Oil Primer Pact 25g

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Primer + makeup fixer in the morning, perfect for use as an oil paper in the afternoon.
Basic use as a Primer. Contains powder with excellent sebum adsorption to fix shiny, oily skin and keep it soft!

Liquid powder that removes shiny sebum
Contains "Elastomer" that instantly fixes makeup to look natural without lumps. The powder selects and absorbs only excessively secreted oil to make the skin moist when applying and soft afterward.

Soft formulation
Applies thinly on the skin with a moist feeling and instantly finishes with a silky feeling.

Goodbye pores
Simple because it doesn't smear your hands
A primer that smoothly covers visible wide pores and bumps to give an even skin texture

Correction makeup
Fixes cakey makeup without lumps
Using the Big Puff, you can quickly fix makeup that has collapsed from oil, without needing to touch your face with your hands or using oil paper.