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ETUDE HOUSE Bling Bling Eye Stick 1.4g

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Eye shadow stick that will give you a blinding glow.

Bling Bling Shining Eyes + Teardrop Effect!
Contains Twinkle Star Powder that will make your eye makeup phenomenal.

Moist And Soft Creamy Type
Soft and smooth eye shadow stick for long-wear. Also contains nutritious essence to keep your delicate skin around the eyes moist.


#01 White Shooting Star
#08 Ivory Baby Star
#09 Gold Tail Star
#11 Rose Star
#15 Peach Swan Star
#16 Pinkly Star Rain
#17 Morning Star
#18 Moon Star

How To Use

1. Turn the stick to the right side and apply it softly on the area around your eyes.
2. The color will look much more natural if you rub it slightly with your fingers.
3. If you apply the light color on the area right under your eyes, you can make a teardrop effect.


20g (0.04 lbs)