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ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Slim Eyebrow 1.5mm



1.5mm slim long-lasting eyebrow pencil for natural eyebrows.

Delicate Touch with the 1.5mm Slim Pencil
Draw the outline of eyebrows and fill in each eyebrow hair naturally with the 1.5mm slim pencil, delivering an intricate eyebrow-makeup look

Long-lasting Hard Formula Texture
The hard formula texture like a pencil lead prevents the caking of contents delivering long-wearing eyebrow makeup

Just like your real brows! Naturally color your eyebrows!
Drawing Slim Eyebrow has 6 different colors that can be matched with any hair color, complying with the overall tone.


#01 Dark Brown
#02 Natural Brown
#03 Light Brown
#04 Gray Brown
#05 Red Brown
#06 Soft Black

How To Use

1. Draw the contour of the eyebrow
2. Fill in the eyebrows naturally as if planting each eyebrow hair
3. After filling into the outer edge of the eyebrows, comb them with the screw brush to get a natural eyebrow makeup look
*Tip. This product has a 1.5mm super slim pencil type texture that can be easily broken, so please twist to dispense a certain amount when you use it.


10g (0.02 lbs)