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ETUDE HOUSE Sunprise Mild Airy Finish 55ml SPF50+ PA+++



A non-sticky & no turbidity UV milk that provides long-lasting UV protection with 100% mineral based mild ingredients for sensitive skin.


1. No turbidity: Anti-greasy & sticky for the smooth application while protecting UV without turbidity.
2. 100% Mineral Filter: Softly applied on sensitive skin
3. Vegetability: Made of dwarf ground sedge extract, aloe vera, portulaca oleracea extract to protect skin from UV safely.
Containing 20 kinds of vegetable ingredients to protect skin from UV perfectly.
Dwarf ground sedge extract & Sunflower seeds for UV protection
Acai berry & Acerola to reinforce the vitality of skin
Portulaca oleracea, Centella Asiatica, & Mistletoe leaves to relax the skin.
Aloe vera, Cactus, & Hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin

How To Use

After skincare, apply to sun-exposed areas of the face/body and massage for the skin to absorb into the skin.
Often layer several times in case of exposing skin to UV occasionally.


100g (0.22 lbs)