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GLAMMEDI Rich Whipping Cleansing Foam 120ml

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A smart cleansing foam that gently cleans off skin waste and makeup residue
with a rich whipped cream-like foam and leaves only moisturizing.
Smart cleansing foam can be provided moisture and cleansing waste clearly
Multi-cleansing foam that cleanses delicate and exfoliated dead skin and skin waste
Moisturizing and vital skin by hyaluronic acid ingredient contained
Smooth and healthy skin by Centella Asiatica extract ingredient contained
Clean and bright skin by berry extract ingredient contained

Who wants to have smart cleansing foam with multi-function
Who wants to have high-performance cleansing to make-up at once
Who wants to have refrained from stimulating and tight after washing
Who wants to have soft and microbubble cleansing foam with low stimulate
Who wants to have clearly wiping cleaned with cleansing foam

How To Use

1. Reduce the proper amount of the original product.
2. Rolls on the skin by forming a rich foam.
3. Keep it clean so that no residue is left with lukewarm water.