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INNISFREE Camellia Hair Color Cream

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Set Contents

Hair dye 20g x 3pcs
Oxidizer 20g x 3pcs
Hair Pack 8ml
Hair dye Comb 1ea


Maximizes hair color power to create more vivid colors.
camellia oil ingredient contains 1 agent to relieve the stiffness caused by dyeing, and then coating it to finish the hair more smoothly.
Ammonia, PPD, 3-Free system with no tar coloring. Smooth dyes with no smell.
The soft texture creams come in close contact with the hair without shrinking, resulting in crisp, rich color reproduction.

How To Use

1. Mix hair dye and oxidizer.
2. Apply the mixed liquid to your hair using a comb.
3. Wait for 25 - 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


200g (0.44 lbs)