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INNISFREE My Hair Recipe Shampoo 330ml [Scalp Care]

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INNISFREE My Hair Recipe Refreshing Shampoo 330ml [for Oily Scalp]
Made with a refreshing recipe containing naturally-derived surfactants to deliver a refreshing feel to oily scalp.

1. Formulated with ingredients from Jeju pine, cedar, and cypress trees
Jeju pine, cedar, and cypress trees relieve scalp stress and keep it healthy.
2. Refreshing deep cleansing
Palm-derived natural surfactant is mild enough for the scalp and hair and deeply cleanses them.
3. Corrects sebum on the scalp
Wormwood extract effectively cleanses sebum and impurities while glycyrrhizic acid maintains the balance of sebum on the scalp.

INNISFREE My Hair Recipe Strength Shampoo 330ml [for Hair Roots Care]
A shampoo made with a refreshing recipe to strengthen hair roots.

1. Strengthening hair roots
This silicone-free shampoo with a healthy, fresh recipe helps strengthen weakening hair roots.
2. Ingredients from Jeju pine, cedar, and cypress
Ingredients from Jeju pine, cedar, and cypress relieve scalp stress and make it healthy.
3. Provides vitality and healthy cleansing
Palm-derived natural surfactant vitalizes weakening hair roots and healthily cleanses the scalp.
4. Boosting scalp circulation & strengthening hair roots
Formula with ginseng saponin helps boost scalp circulation and strengthens hair roots.


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