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INNISFREE My Hair Recipe Treatment 200ml

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INNISFREE My Hair Recipe Refreshing Treatment 200ml [for Oily Scalp]
Made with a refreshing recipe for oily scalp, while providing hair conditioning.

1. Formulated with ingredients from Jeju pine, cedar, and cypress trees
Jeju pine, cedar, and cypress trees relieve scalp stress and keep it healthy.
2. Silicon-free mild solution
Ensures a light, fresh scalp, and hair care.
3. Removes sebum and impurities & a healthy balance of scalp sebum
Wormwood extract effectively cleanses sebum and impurities while glycyrrhizic acid maintains the balance of sebum on the scalp.

INNISFREE My Hair Recipe Strength Treatment 200ml [for Hair Roots Care]
Hair treatment with a nutritious recipe to provide moisture for softer, healthier-looking hair and scalp.

1. Healthy and fresh recipe for scalp and hair care
This silicone-free treatment with a healthy, fresh recipe takes care of weakening hair roots and moisturizes the hair.
2. Ingredients from Jeju pine, cedar, and cypress
Ingredients from Jeju pine, cedar, and cypress relieve scalp stress and make it healthy.
3. Silicone-free mild formulation
It Rebalances the scalp condition and helps strengthen hair roots.
4. Strengthening hair roots & coating hair surface
Ginseng extract helps strengthen hair roots while sunflower seed oil coats the hair surface to make the hair sleek.


260g (0.57 lbs)