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INNISFREE Pore Blur Pact 12.5g

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This pact is formulated with mild ingredients to create a silky smooth makeup finish with its pore-blurring effect suitable even for acne-prone skin

1. Smooth and flawless skin with thorough coverage
The pore cover powder pact contains fine particles to thoroughly fill up the pores and lines, making the skin texture smooth and flawless

2. Formulated to control oil and sebum
The sebum cut formula is applied to absorb oil and sebum, making the skin clear and bright for a long time

3. The calamine powder brightens the skin tone
The pink calamine powder brightens and lights up the skin tone
* Non-comedogenic test completed (can be used on skin with blemishes/acne)
* 6-free (animal ingredients, mineral oil, tar, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine)

How To Use

Take the desired amount using puff and pat gently on the face at the last stage of makeup. Can be used for correcting makeup over oily, dull skin with sebum.


50g (0.11 lbs)