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INNISFREE Sensitive Sun Cushion 14g

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A mild, but powerful sunscreen cushion that blocks UV rays physically.
Coconut water and hibiscus flower extract cool and soothe the skin stimulated by UV rays.
Sebum care powder and pink calamine powder express the skin with a fresh and natural pink tone.
Forms shield to reflect UV rays, mild yet strong non-nano & 7 free mild formula
*7 Ingredients not added: talc-free, Imidazolidinyl urea free, Triethanolamine free, Anima raw material free, mineral oil-free, tar color free no artificial flavor
*Refill Option included puff.

How To Use

Get the appropriate amount on puff and gently pat onto the face following skin texture.


Cushion: 90g (0.19 lbs)
Refill: 40g (0.08 lbs)