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INNISFREE Twinkle Glitter 2.7g

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Liquid-type eye glitter for sparkly eye makeup

1. For beautiful and sparkling eye makeup!
The liquid glitter addresses the inconveniences of powder-type glitter products, allowing your eye makeup to dazzle without getting flakey.

2. The slim brush enables you to draw precisely, and make even, clean and elaborate touchups on the eyelids as well as under the eyelash lines.

3. With supreme fixing ability, the glitter settles tightly onto the skin without dusting to maintain long-lasting makeup.


#01 Silver
#02 Beige
#03 Rosy

How To Use

Apply an appropriate amount to the area you want to highlight. Use a slim-type brush for a more delicate expression.

*The glitter particles might be spread over the other part of the package due to the filling process. 
*It might seem empty at the top of the product, but the total weight of the product is all manufactured same.


15g (0.03 lbs)