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INNISFREE Wrinkle Science Oil Serum 30ml

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The authentic anti-aging solution that nourishes skin to quench inner dryness and reduce fine wrinkles


1. Omega oil, extracted from the sporophyll of Jeju sea mustard
Reduces tightening of the inner skin induced by dryness with omega oil derived from Jeju sea mustard, a rich source of essential fatty acids.
2. Astonishing ingredients of the new Wrinkle Science
With the added Jeju omega oil containing antioxidant omega-3 and Jeju sea mustard ferment extract, which firms the skin, the formula enhances the skin?™s natural ability to regenerate.
3. Oil formula with a clean finish
The fast-penetrating formula that leaves nothing behind makes a great choice for oily and combination skin as well.

How To Use

Use 2 to 3 drops and massage onto your face, and pat lightly for better absorption.


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