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ISA KNOX TE'RVINA The Golden Serum Special Set

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The golden solution to bring the golden period of your skin back to you.


Tenacious research with one & only science and technology by LG Household & Health Care Newly introduces PLA master 12
We will bring the healthy energy back to your skin with more powerful sources.
Keeping the original skin energy, Choice for the noble skin TE'RVINA THE GOLDEN
This is another level of skin concerns, which is different from the earlier stage of aging skin.
You may need a more fundamental and professional response if you feel more intensive and rapid aging 
symptoms than before and if you would like to proactively respond to aging skin.
It is now that it is the golden period of your skin.
Golden Solution for golden age with the climacteric period for the skin. 

Set Contents

1. ISA KNOX TE'RVINA The Golden Serum 50ml
2. ISA KNOX TE'RVINA The Golden Original Solution 25ml
3. ISA KNOX TE'RVINA The Golden Serum 10ml
4. ISA KNOX TE'RVINA The Golden Cream 10ml


600g (1.32 lbs)