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NOBLESSE 3-Step Ampoule Facial Skin Care Mask Sheet



Ampoule 2g + Mask Sheet 23g + Cream 2g
1. 3-Step Vitamin Light Mask Sheet (Whitening)
2. 3-Step Peptide Bounce Mask (Wrinkle Care)

How To Use

[Step 1] Ampoule
An ampoule to apply before using the mask to increase the effectiveness of the mask sheet. 
The ampule makes the skin healthy and helps the essence of the mask to be absorbed into the skin.
[Step 2] Mask Sheet
It is clear and perfectly adheres to the skin with a sheet, delivering the nutritional content of essence deep into the skin.
[Step 3] Cream
Cream to be used during the last step. It makes the skin look more radiant and moist.


40g (0.08 lbs)