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POUR LA PEAU Whitening Up Cream 50g

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The formulation is natural and light as a feather for a skin tone-up effect

Niacinamide ingredient notified by the MFDS

Contains EWG ingredients derived from nature. Use on the skin with no worries.

Bullet Point
Immediate whitening effect as if there is a spotlight on the skin
No pushing! No stickiness! Convenient use on face and body.
Skin deep hydration effect with sodium hyaluronate ingredient
Light adhesion and moisturizing absorption with no clumping or lifting

NMF natural moisturizing factor+ Sodium hyaluronate
It is composed of amino acids the basic unit of protein.
The amino acids in the natural moisturizing factor are created by disassembling the protein 'filaggrin??
It prevents skin dryness, maintains a moisturizing condition, prevents skin bacteria, and helps maintain healthy cell structures.

Sodium Hyaluronate
Commonly called hyaluronic acid, it is a natural moisturizing factor that exists inside our body.
It is 6,000 times an ordinary moisturizing factor and it is used as a skin moisturizing and conditioning agent as it pulls in surrounding moisture.
It supplements moisture through hydration and plays a role in boosting skin elasticity

The secret to Skin Whitening Niacinamide
It reduces melanin movement for a skin-clearing effect.
It improves skin aging by promoting collagen secretion, prevents moisture loss of skin strengthens the skin barrier by stimulating microcirculation.

Ingredient for skin elasticity Adenosine
It enhances the regeneration ability of cells in the dermal layer of the skin to improve skin elasticity and helps with wrinkle improvement
It activates the function of damaged or abnormal cells
It is strong against heat and light so it can be used in the day and night.
These ingredients can be used on problematic skin as well due to their anti-inflammatory function