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PROUD MARY Enzyme Powder Wash 50g

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Enzyme Powder Wash Gently removes dead skin cells, skin wastes with Papain enzyme and keep moist skin after cleansing with Beta-glucan.

Water film formation

Soft skin texture improvement
Help remove dead skin cells and skin wastes with Papain ingredient and makes skin texture soft.

Soft skin texture improvement
Helps soothe the damaged and sensitive skin from external irritation with Centella Asiatica Extract which is an effect on soothing rapidly and pore contraction.

Water film formation & Moisturizing
Helps regulate the oil-water balance and restore pH on the skin with Beta-Glucan and Allantoin, after washing the face. Also makes the skin moisture with slightly acid water film formation (pH4-6) which is the same as healthy skin's pH4-6.


150g (0.33 lbs)