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PUREDERM Collagen Circle Mask 12 Sheets

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It is excellent for calming the skin irritated by external stress.
It contains an aloe component and gives a cooling feeling when attached

Avocado ingredients supplement nutrients rich in moisturizers and cracked skin due to malnutrition.

Blueberry ingredients help maintain skin health and youth.
It is a mask that gives a pleasant feeling while using a sweet blueberry scent.

A gentle fragrance that contains a component of chamomile that gives your skin a resting sensation.
It is a mask that gives abundant nutrition to rough skin.

It contains excellent coconut ingredients to soothe skin that?™s sensitive and frequent to skin troubles.
Mask that calms sensitive and easily irritated skins.

Cucumber containing an abundance of moisture hydrates the dry skin to create more moist skin.
It is a mask that gives vital skin.

[Green tea]
It contains the green tea ingredient which is effective for relieving skin irritation and removing toxicity.
Mask that creates more clean, clear, and vital skin.

It contains honey extract to help strengthen immunity.
It provides nutrition to dull nutrition lacking skin.
It is a mask that prepares the skin that you want to touch.

It contains olive oil which is absorbed quickly to the skin and has good skin-affinity.
It is a mask that calms dry skin, protects the skin from nutrition loss by forming a protective film on dry skin.

[Red ginseng]
Contains red ginseng ingredients that are effective in improving the immunity of fragile skin.
It is a mask that helps revitalize tired skin and give it healthy skin.

[Rice bran]
It contains Rice bran ingredients the provide lots of vitality.
It is a gentle mask that cleanses the complexion and smooth skin.

It contains tomato ingredients known to be rich in various vitamins and minerals.
It is a mask that nourishes the skin and helps antioxidants.

How To Use

1. After cleansing, remove the water, and clean the skin.
2. Unpack the package, take out the mask, unfold it, align it with the eyes, and apply it evenly on your face.
3. Paste the mask for 15 ~ 20 minutes.
4. Remove the mask and tap the remaining essence to absorb it.


300g (0.66 lbs)