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PUREDERM Multi-Step Hydro Synergy Gel Mask 28g

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1. It consists of two steps of skin tuning ampoule and hydro synergy gel mask, which maximizes the effect of the mask pack.
2. It provides excellent adhesion by tightly wrapping the entire skin. It provides immediate moisture, which helps to hydrate skin.
3. Patented ingredient, white lotion extract, also Nari ingredient is contained, so you can get a clear effect.
4. Wrinkle-improving & whitening dual function mask pack certified by the Korea Food & Drug Administration gives skin elasticity, dull skin tone clear, and transparent.

How To Use

1. After cleansing, remove the water and trim the skin.
2. After removing the perforation line on the upper right of the product (Step 1), open the skin tuning ampoule and spread it on the required area.
3. (Step 2) Open the hydro-synergy gel mask, remove the upper and lower mask sheets, and remove the protective film on both sides of the sheet.
The upper and lower mask sheets are attached to the skin according to the shape of the face, and then they are evenly attached to their hands.
4. Remove the sheet after 20 ~ 40 minutes and absorb the remaining contents by tapping lightly.


40g (0.08 lbs)