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PUREDERM Nutritive Firming Hydro Pure Gel Mask 25g

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1. High moisturizing, hypoallergenic hydrogel formulation that delivers skin-friendly cosmetic ingredients in gel form and delivers it deep into the skin.
2. During use, the gel becomes thinner and you can directly feel that the active ingredient penetrates into the skin.
3. Minimal skin irritation with comfortable essence and tight, soft mesh on skin.

Nutritive Firming
The abundant fatty acids in the caviar quickly transfer nutrition to the skin and revitalize the skin full of elasticity and firmness.

How To Use

1. After cleansing, remove the water and trim the skin.
2. Unpack and remove upper and lower mask sheets.
Remove the release film attached to both sides of the sheet.
3. Using the top and bottom mask sheets to the shape of the face, attach them to the skin, and then apply them tight and evenly by hand.
4. After about 20 ~ 30 minutes, remove the sheet and absorb the remaining contents by tapping lightly.


40g (0.08 lbs)