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SOORYEHAN Chunsam Gunyang Skin Care Special Set For Men

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Set Contents

1. Gunyang emulsion 140ml 
2. Gunyang skin toner 140ml
3. Gunyang emulsion (gift)
4. Gunyang skin toner (gift)


1. Chunsam Gunyang Skin Toner
Herbal toner with fresh moisture.
Quick absorption for the comfortable skin.
Soothe sensitive skin after shaving.
Man?™s toner with mild moisture gel essence type.

2. Chunsam Gunyang Skin Emulsion 
Herbal emulsion with fresh and rich nutrients.
Protect man's skin from damage.
Provide soft and healthy skin.

How To Use

After toner, apply gently to face and neck.


800g (1.76 lbs)