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SOORYEHAN Chunsam Sanghwang Regenerating Serum 10ml*10ea

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The product includes very precious ingredients of Cunsam & Sanghwang which raise moisture and elasticity in your skins. Besides, it forms the skin-protecting layer to keep your skin firm and clean like baby skin.


Chunsam(heaven grade ginseng): As the highest quality ginseng discovered one time in thousand, it is weak, feeble, lack of vitality skins.
Sang Hwang(Phellinus linteus Mushroom): As a mushroom that grows on the mulberry tree for more than 100 years, it supplies strong succus into dry skins so keeps dewy skins.
Chunsam and Sanghwang which cannot be combined take care of your skins to be clear and moisturized.


250g (0.55 lbs)