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SOORYEHAN Soo ChunSam Seonyu Cream 50ml

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Anti-aging / Whitening
A nourishing cream to revitalize tired skin with deep nutrition
of the invaluable oriental medicinal ingredients
in Chunsam and Sinsun Bulodan for a more lifted, plumped, smoothened look
CheonSam(Heaven grade ginseng), Sinseon Beullodan, Pleuropterus multlorus(120 year-old), ballon flower root(80-year-old), deer antlers, Cordyceps militaris, etc
Provides nutrition to makes skin lively and bright
Rich moisture and nutrition for the bright and clear skin.
Take the appropriate amount and gently apply from inside to outside along the skin texture.

How To Use

Take a ginkgo nut sized amount using the included spatula
and spread on the entire face evenly.
Massage into face gently outward from the center of the face pulling upward.
Rub both palms to create heat and wrap face for deep absorption.


400g (0.88 lbs)