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SOORYEHAN Soo ChunSam Seonyu Eye Cream 25ml

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Anti-aging, Whitening
Provides nutrition to makes skin lively and bright
It is a concentrated texture eye cream that provides enough nutrition to the skin to keep them dry and sensitive eye skin alive and bright.
A highly concentrated eye cream to deeply nourish sensitive, dry skin around the eyes with the invaluable oriental medicinal ingredients contained in Chunsam and Sinsun Bulodan for a youthful, brightened look with life.


CheonSam(Heaven grade ginseng), Sinseon Beullodan, Pleuropterus multlorus(120 year-old), ballon flower root(80 year-old), deer antlers,Cordyceps militaris, etc

How To Use

After using the emulsion, take a mung bean egg size and draw a small circle with your fingers to absorb the skin around your eyes carefully.


300g (0.66 lbs)