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THE FACE SHOP fmgt Brow Lasting Proof Pencil EX 0.2g

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Delicately drawn with a more sophisticated triangular pencil, it lasts all day with a sure long-lasting waterproof function!
Eyebrow color that lasts for a long time as a waterproof formula resistant to water and sweat.
The triangular-shaped pencil allows you to fill in both the eyebrow line and empty areas more delicately, allowing you to express natural eyebrows.
It applies smoothly like a cream without clumping and gives a clean finish with a powdery finish.


#01 Light Brown
#02 Brown
#03 Dark Brown
#04 Gray Brown
#05 Dark Brown

How To Use

1. Sharpen the eyebrow line with the pointed part of the triangular pencil.
2. Fill the gaps along with the eyebrows.
3. Finish natural eyebrows with the built-in brush.


8g (0.01 lbs)