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THE FACE SHOP fmgt Face It Aura CC Cream 20g

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The independent powder mix creates skin like highlighted by light.
Silver Vine brightens skin tone.
Darkening proof formula remains makeup for hours.
Aqua Jun & SL offer moisture to skin to create healthy skin.

How To Use

1. After your skincare, open the container and push the front button 1-2 times.
2. Put a moderate amount with air fitting CC puff and spread.

How To Use (Refill)

1. Press the medium part of the bottom of the container with both thumbs lightly.
2. Hold the upper container and divide it.
3. Replace a refill container to fit the outer container.
* If content won't come out after 10-20 times pushing, replace the refill.


110g (0.24 lbs)
*Refill: 80g (0.17 lbs)