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THE FACE SHOP fmgt Metallic Cube Eyeshadow 1.5g

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An eye shadow that mixes transparent colors and colorful pearls to create bright eyes like pearl coating.
A metallic cube eyeshadow that creates bright and transparent eyes with just one touch.
A transparent pearl base that is bling and lightly fits the skin.
With a moist and smooth cushion jelly base, you don't have to worry about losing the glitter.
With transparent pearl color, it gives transparent color without cloudiness.


#01 Gold Ball
#02 Sweet Shower
#03 Bling Pot
#04 Sparkling Love
#05 Dusty Copper

How To Use

Use your finger or brush to apply an appropriate amount of the contents to the eyelids to create a bright look.


20g (0.04 lbs)